Worry Is Useless But Sometimes We Still Do It!

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We have all heard the sayings about how worrying is futile. Worrying doesn’t solve anything. Worrying won’t change what happened or what will happen. Worrying about what “might” happen is a waste of energy and time, especially if whatever you are worrying about doesn’t happen.

But as humans, we still worry. We worry about finances, family, friends, will we find the right person to share our lives with. The list goes on and at times, seems like it will never end.

The fact is, we are going to worry. I am writing this post after only 4 hours of sleep. Why, only 4 hours sleep? You guessed it, I was up late last night, worrying.

I started with the usual daily prayer of asking God to heal my daughters and that is a good thing. However, I let my prayers turn in to worry, and that is a bad thing. Yesterday was a rough day for our youngest and she spent the day pretty sick. As I poured out my heart to God, in prayer, I started to think of the foods our daughter had eaten, the liquids she drank, how much of each food or drink she had, could we have done better, did she take her probiotics, etc, etc. Before I knew it, my prayer had turned in to problem solving which then turned in to worry.

Needless to say, I did not solve anything with my worry except to make myself very, very tired today. I know that I should of stopped my self dead in my tracks, but I didn’t. I let the worry get in my way of what I truly needed to do. The good news is I usually don’t worry obsessively too long about any one subject before I take action. That is how I ended up doing so much research on the medical/mental health conditions that afflict my family….and that is a good thing!

FindingWorry information to help our daughters move forward in the healing, or at the very least, deal with the challenges successfully on a daily basis has been my main focus and goal in life this past 4 years. It is what has kept me going and helped me to control the worrying by turning worrying into a motivator to keep seeking knowledge on Insulin Resistance, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Panic Disorder, Anxiety, Trichotellomania and nutrition.

Information, good reliable information is one of the main keys that can help our family heal. I plan to share some of the information I find in my continued research on these subjects in this blog. I hope our journey and the information I find will benefit other people as it has us.

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