Watching Your Child Hurt is Painful!

Child crying

There Is Nothing Worse!

I think every parent would agree, it is really hard to watch your child hurt, especially when you are helpless to do anything about it. When you have a child with a chronic illness, it sometimes becomes too much to handle and I find that I want to either scream or cry. While screaming is not really productive, in my opinion, crying sometimes can be. Unfortunately, my personality does not lend itself to crying a lot, especially to relieve stress. The good news is, over the years of watching my children hurt, I have learned it is a valuable tool. There seems to even be some science to back up the theory that crying helps relieve stress. And though I want to always be strong for them, a friend of mine once told me it was good to let my children see me vulnerable and hurting. It turns out that this is true. The moments I do break down in front of them (not often but it has happened) both girls come to my rescue with hugs and encouraging words. This always floors me as they are the one that is actually going through the difficult time. It never ceases to amaze me!!!


Waiting Is The Hardest Part?

I hate waiting! All kinds of waiting! Waiting in line, waiting for my food in a restaurant, waiting for my favorite show to come on and waiting for any answer is just awful for me. The worse kind of waiting though, is waiting for the new medicine your child is taking to kick in. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Time seems to drag on when you are waiting for her medicine to start taking affect. Then after the waiting, if the medicine that was prescribed doesn’t work, we try a new medicine….and wait to see if it works. Ugh, more waiting.

Child crying

Then What If It Doesn’t Work?

As you are waiting the specific amount of weeks (or longer) for the medicine to kick in, what if it doesn’t work? That is a question I have been asked several times by my children. I don’t really have an answer for that, at least not a good one. The answer is always the same, “well honey, if this one doesn’t work, we will try another. I promise we won’t ever give up.” My girls feel reassured that mommy and daddy won’t quit trying to figure out ways to ease their pain, but it doesn’t change the fact they are hurting. Sometimes unbearably hurting. So we try a new medicine, and we wait….

Adult and child hands

Hope, Support and Love…

That is all we have to give them. We pray daily for them, we pray with them. We stay in contact with their doctors (we are blessed with great doctors), ask endless questions. We do research on the internet, download books and talk to people who have the problems our daughter’s experience. Sometimes we come across somebody who has a little different idea or help that we may have not tried. Often, we have tried it, whatever it is, but it didn’t work, or it worked, but not for long. So we go back to waiting, waiting, waiting.

The good news is we are blessed with amazing moments during the long, long waiting times. Those precious, glorious moments that honestly, we might of taken for granite had we not be in this unfortunate storm.

So if you, or somebody you know is walking through a really tough time, stop and take a moment to soak in the pleasure that can come during a difficult time. Capture those moments on camera, video or in your own memory and hold on to those moments with all your heart because I promise you, there will come a time when you will need those moments to move you past the really rough patches. Frankly, that is all we can hope for!

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