To Medicate or Not To Medicate Children-That is the Question

Medications for Kids

Medicating a child for a cold or a fever is a pretty simple decision for most parents. The child has a cold, you give him or her children’s cold medicine, simple. I think most parents would agree, there isn’t much struggle in that decision. Most would medicate their child to help them heal and take away any unpleasant symptoms.

Medications for Kids

But what if your child needs a medication that is more intense?

When you have a child that has a more severe medical issue, no matter what you try (natural, homeopathic, herbs, oils, over the counter medicine, vitamins, etc) prescription medication is probably going to come in to play, sooner or later. When that happens, there is a lot of things to consider:

  • Will it work?
  • What are the side effects?
  • Are the side effects worth the benefits?
  • What is the long term effects or risks?
  • How long will my child need to take this medication?
  • What will my child’s quality of life be without using medication?

Child Medication

Each parent that faces the possibility of having to put their child on a prescription drug, has to go through these questions with the child’s medical professional. This is the best way to get the answers that are needed to make the decision on whether to use prescription medications or not. Unfortunately, getting answers often brings up more questions.

Here are some of the things my husband and I have done to work through a situation like this:

  • We found a great medical professional that we know we can trust. It is evident to us that she has our children’s best interest at heart.
  • We don’t take everything a medical professional says as gospel, even a specialist. Medical professionals are people, they can make mistakes. The good news is there is lots of information available to us today. We use it and so should you.
  • I do research online but I always take any information I have found to our doctor(s) and consult them before assuming the information is correct. This opens up discussion about the medicine and other things that need to be discussed.
  • We ask a lot of questions! (Don’t be afraid to do so either.)
  • We talk to other parents that have children experiencing the same stuff as our kids are and how the help their child heal.
  • We pray about it, a lot! We not only seek guidance from medical professionals, but also from God. We personally believe that He guides us through all decisions when we seek His knowledge. Especially a difficult decision like this.
  • We use other methods of help along with medications. My husband and I do not believe that medication alone can help our children conquer their struggles. Exercise, diet, counseling, emotional support, etc are all vital to healing. Even our doctor’s and the specialists tell us that. (Heck even alternative options are good, like herbs, oils, massage, Acupressure. I know many people who have benefited from these other treatments. We have not had great success but that doesn’t mean we don’t think it is viable for some people.)
  • We never give up, ever!

That is our way of making the decision to medicate or not to medicate our children if or when it comes up. It is never an easy decistion and each parent has to work through a decision like this, sometimes more then once. If you are a parent that has faced this or is facing the decision to medicate your child now, I hope this post helps you. Also, I would like to hear from you and how you decide if or when medication is right for your child? Answer in the comments below and share you experience!

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  1. Some decisions like meds. Have no alternatives in order to keep them alive.i have those.  We weighed the options whether to med or not to med our son.  We tried alternatives first and none of them were successful.  We went on a trial run on the med he is on now and boy we notice a huge positive difference.  It's under complete monitoring of his physician and Us.  There's two side effects both that come after its wearing off.  It's hard for him to wind down and sometimes he melts down because he's tired.  I agree, being in communication with the doctor is key.  She was thorough in explaining it and the side effects.  She's watching it closely.


    • I agree Nadine, some situations there is no discussion about using medication for our children, especially if it is in order to keep them alive. It’s the other situations where studies show it may or may not help a child is where it gets a lot of though from me. Our medical professional is monitoring closesly as well, which we truly appreciate. I am glad you guys found something that helps. Your son is so lucky to have you guys and what a blessing he is to you!

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