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After 4+ years of working with our child who suffers from High Anxiety and Panic Disorder, there has been a huge breakthrough, and it’s AMAZING! Not only is she able to go out of the house, she is actually initiating our family leaving. In fact, she has asked us to go to a large mall not once, but twice in 2 weeks….THAT IS HUGE PEOPLE, HUGE!!!!! She walked through the whole mall, both floors and she even conversed with several people who worked at the stores we went into…OH MY GOSH!

But to help you really understand why this is huge, I need to go back to the beginning and tell you what it was like for all of us, especially her when she started 7th grade and EVERYTHING CHANGED!

From Outgoing, Confident To Anxiety and Panic Attacks Galore!

From Outgoing, Confident To Anxiety and Panic Attacks Galore!

Our daughter was born confident. Seriously! When her dad and I dropped her off for her 1st day of pre-school, we asked all the usual questions, or at least we tried. After just a few minutes of us talking to the teacher, our strong and confident child looked up from her coloring and asked, “Are you guys STILL here? You know, I’m going to be ok.”

That is how she always was. Outgoing, confident, strong-willed, never met a stranger (that was scary when she was young), talked to everyone without hesitation and always fit in. At school, she was pretty popular with most of the kids, teachers loved her and she was really active. She went on stage and gave a speech why she wanted to be on yearbook committee, and won both years. She was the lead in her 4th grade play, made the student of the year and student of the trimester several times. Our daughter seemed to have it all going for her….Then, it all fell apart in one big CRASH!

7th Grade – What Happened?

It wasn’t 7th grade per say, it was an accumulation of different things that set our family on a downward spiral and into a 4+ year storm that has finally seemed to be subsiding. But back to that year, when 7th grade started, and all hell broke loose! I remember that our daughter was able to go to school, nervously though, by herself for the first 2 weeks. She caught a bad stomach flu and was bed-ridden for about 3 weeks. Then she received homeschooling through the school district. Even after weeks of trying, our daughter just couldn’t make it through even a half day of school.

I clearly remember her on her bed, rolled up in a ball, crying and saying, ” I can’t do it!” We tried everything to comfort her but nothing worked. Even with years of experience (having Panic Disorder myself) we could not find a way to soothe her and get her back into public school. The school district was wonderful enough to continue her home-hospital schooling all through 7th grade.

8th Grade – Still Stuck!

As we approached 8th grade, our beautiful daughter was not improving enough for her to go back to regular school, so we investigated other options and ended up going with an online home school program. It worked for that year. Her grades came back up and she stayed on the Honor Roll. Unfortunately, this style of schooling has no interaction with other people and did nothing to help her come out of her shell or fight her fears and anxiety.

The Beginning of the Answer to Our Prayers!

Our friend had been home schooling her son with a wonderful Hy-bred homeschool academy in another town. The town was not that far but not close enough for a working couple with chronically ill children. The first of many blessings came when the academy opened another school in our town, close to our house…viola! homeschooling with interaction solved! Well sort of. We were able to get our daughters into this amazing school and they have both excelled. Our oldest has really enjoyed the interactions with her teacher and even was able to make it to her 1 required class. The elective or fun class, she just could not do it. She loves good grades so she was willing to “suffer” to make it to the required class. The class that was for fun and broadening her horizon didn’t have a grade attached to it, so she just couldn’t find the necessary motivation to get through going to the 6 classes. But it is still progress!

We are back for the second year and plan to make a whole semester of 1 class, hopefully, 2 this time! Time will tell!

In the meantime, I will write a post soon about the crazy item she started collecting and how it helped her get out of the house and into a mall!

Till Next Time,
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  1. That is great! My oldest daughter suffers from depression and bad anxiety- ever since she was small. She was such an anxious and extremely sensitive child. I know how elated you must feel. When my daughter conquered her fear of water and swimming a couple of years ago we were so happy for her. She just started high school and after years of her being terrified and all the therapy, psychologists and workers getting her through it- she is actually LOVING high school and even announced the other day she feels like the weight has been lifted and she is the happiest she has been in a long time. When they have a great support system- they can overcome. I am so happy to hear that your daughter is making progress! Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Thank you Irene! I am so happy to read your daughter is also successfully living with anxiety! As a mom of a child with it, it makes my heart leap to read your comment on your daughters success! I also have PD so I personally understand what she means about the weight being lifted… is such an AMAZING feeling! Thanks for the compliment and you keep up the great job too! You know, it really does take a community to raise a child!

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