Insulin Resistance, Food and Protein

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Insulin Resistance and Food

After a visit to daughter’s Pediatric Internal Specialist, I got a chance to confirm some information I researched online about nutrition for Insulin Resistance. Protein slows the absorption of carbohydrates in our system. A person that has IR (Insulin Resistance) needs to be VERY careful with carbohydrates and should stay away from simple carbs all together.

Definition of Simple Carb: A Simple Carb is made of only 1 or 2 sugar molecules. Our bodies absorb and use this sugar faster then Complex Carbs. (Complex Carbs are metabolized slower.)

Normally the fast absorption and utilization of simple carbs is not a problem and can even be beneficial for quick energy. However, in a person with IR, it cause a spike in sugar in their blood that is trouble. In reaction to sugar being consumed, our pancreas releases insulin which is what carries the sugar to our cells so it can be utilized. In a person with IR, their pancreas also makes insulin. The problem arises when the sugar (glucose) gets to the cells. The cells in cannot receive and utilize the sugar (glucose) so the pancreas makes more insulin to keep up with the bodies demand for energy.

How Protein Helps

Protein is absorbed much slower then carbs. This is why it is very important that a person with Insulin Resistance eat some form a protein with any type of carbohydrate. (This was a important eye opener from the nutritionist!) Compared to carbohydrates, protein keeps blood sugar levels steady. When consumed alone, protein does not generate a rise in blood sugar. When consumed along with complex carbs, it slows the rate of absorption and thus sugar levels are not affected as heavily. (After a person eats, blood sugars spike.)

Exmaples of Simple Carbs:

Refined Sugar
Brown Sugar
White Rice, white bread, white pasta
Potatoes (which are actually a complex carb but act like a simple carbs in the body)
Pastries and desserts
(Pretty much everything that is yummy but bad for you in general! UGH!)

Examples of Protiein You Might Not Think About

Everyone knows that chicken, beef and even some fish have protein. But did you know that some veggies have protein too? I didn’t before I researched and then confirmed with a nutritionists. (It’s amazing what you can learn on the web….lol)

Here are some delicious examples of a way to get protein without eating meat:

Peas – 15g
Kale – 4.3g
Brussel Sprouts – 3.4g
Artichokes – 3.3g
Spinach – 2.9g
Broccoli – 2.8g
Watercress – 2.3g
Asparagus – 2.2g
Potatoes – 2g
Beetroot – 2g
Cauliflower – 1.9g
Cabbage – 1.3g
Eggplant – 1g
Carrots – 0.9g (be careful with carrots, especially baby carrots which have a lot of sugar.)

I suggest that if you are interested in taking control of your diet for any reason, do a lot of research on the web. But also remember to be careful and always consult a professional. There is a lot of information on the internet but not all of it is correct or good. Some information could be harmful, epsecially if you have any medical conditions.

Even my blog should be researched before following anything I suggest, because I am not a medical professional. I do my research as best I can and I talk to doctors and nutritionists often. So go forth and learn, because knowledge the best form of defense against the dark arts……ooops, sorry, wrong reference. I meant knowledge is the best form of defense against ill health.

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