How I Handle my IBS Pain by S. Hurt

What A Tough Kid!

My youngest daughter it one tough kid! She deals with IBS and constant abdominal pain that would probably make a grown up cry! (At least I would!) The lower part of her large intestine is in constant state of tension, or cramping. This in turn causes her constant pain (think horrible female cramps 24/7). Despite the several different medications, including ones that dampen pain receptors, nothing has helped for more then a few days.

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Never Give Up!

That doesn’t mean we stop trying, Lord knows we keep trying! We have spent hundreds of dollars on various essential oils (even learning to make my own blends), hundreds of dollars on probiotics, purchased several books, spent countless hours on gathering and reading information on foods, food combining and various healthy diets. My husband and I have talked to several people who suffer from IBS to gain their knowledge and insight and our family has seen enough doctors and have had enough tests ran on our daughter that I sometimes want to scream!!!!!


But we keep on trekking, because that is what parents do.

In Her Own Words-

Because nothing has really worked to fully remove or even reduce her pain for more than a couple days at a time, our sweet little girl has developed her own way of coping with, in her words, “nausea, pain, sadness, and not wanting to move or do anything, even it’s good for you.” Her answer to what helps her cope, “Doing stuff I enjoy normally helps take my mind of my stomach pain. Especially something that you have to interact with like playing video games. If my somach really hurts, nothing works!”

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The fact of the matter is, what works for one person suffering from IBS, may not work for another. It is a lot of trial and error. Our daughter still takes a special pro-biotic that has science to back up it’s claim that it is good for people who suffer from IBS and other like digestive disorders. She also takes a prescription that is known for helping IBS sufferers, especially children. She is on a strict diet. I am going to tweak our daughter’s diet a little more (and change the whole families diet) to further improve our health. Balancing my daughter’s dietary needs has been a HUGE challenge since she also has Insulin Resistance. Diet plays a very important part in managing IBS and Insulin Resistance. The good news is she is actively helping in this new dietary adventure and I can’t wait to share our results with you!

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  1. I’m so glad i found this post. I’ve had colic from birth which switched to ibs my whole life. Giving up dairy has made a world of difference for me! I also recommend taking enteric coated peppermint caps when she’s cramping. They’re natural anti spasmodics that work better than any prescription medication for me. Consider a low fodmap diet and eliminate the chance of any hormone imbalances. I used to have to keep prescription pain pills for pain but not anymore praise God!

    • Thank you for your comment. I would love to talk to you more about diary. I have my daughter on a lactose free diet including Lactaid milk because I have found research that lactose is a problem for IBS. What I can’t find is if dairy, in general, not just lactose if bad. Do you know of anything about this? I do try to keep her on a low fodmap diet but she also has Insulin Resistance to I have to try to keep both diets in mind. Unfortunately, these diets are polar opposite! She tried peppermint caps but they didn’t seem to help and sometimes caused more trouble, however, I am not sure if they were enteric coated. Maybe that was the problem. I will definitely be messaging you to talk more in depth!

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