Enjoying Disneyland – Even With Our High Anxiety Child!!!

Disney Castle mad of Legos

“Enjoying Disneyland” and “High Anxiety Child” usually don’t go well in the same sentence!!!

If you have read my blog before, then you may know that going on a simple, fun-filled trip to Disneyland isn’t really how it is for our family. It can be anything but joyful or fun-filled. Anxiety, Panic Attacks, IBS, Insulin Resistance and a host of other stuff can get in the way of achieving a fun-filled mini family vacation for us. But where there is a will, there is always a way!!!!!

Learning to deal with life when you have an anxiety disorder is hard enough, but doing something like Disneyland, (especially if it’s is a huge trigger), well…that takes some work, but it CAN BE DONE! I am here to tell you that you should never write off anything or believe it’s just too hard. With some planning, removing some possible roadblocks and a lot of faith, you can achieve difficult hurdles!!!

If you know me, then you will probably already know that I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!! Period! I refuse to accept that I am a fanatic (even though my family accuses me of such) because I know people who are way worse than me. I will admit, though, I could easily go there once a week for the rest of my life and never tire of it! Our 2 kids love Disneyland almost as much as I do. So imagine how hard it was when our oldest became paralyzed with fear and anxiety of the mere thought of going to Disneyland?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It was horrible for her! Having something that you enjoy and love to do, taken away from you because of a disorder you never imagined having….it stinks! I know because she inherited this disorder from me!

We recently went to Disneyland AND Downtown Disney, 2 days in a row!!!! This is HUGE for our oldest daughter. I’m serious!!! For our family to have spent approximately 11-12 hours at Disneyland 1 day and 5 hours at Downtown Disney the next day is equivalent to somebody winning a Gold Medal in the Olympics!!!! Even the aftermath (the 2-5 days following a stress-filled event) was great. She needed much less “down time” than usual and within 5 days, she was at another social event feeling strong and totally socializing!!!

In total, we enjoyed 16 rides. 2 parades and watched 1 show, visiting both parks in one day!!!! That is unheard of for us! (Usually, one park is all our oldest can tolerate and for only 5-7 hours with a break in between.) We had such a fun time!!! Even though the Summer of Heroes was in full swing, (which meant TONS of people were there) we still ventured over to California Adventure where we got a glance at some of our favorite Superheroes like Captain America, Spiderman, Hawkeye and Black Widow (she is my fav!!!)

Captain America

This is the first Disneyland trip (or any trip for that matter) that was this successful in years. Yes, it took some planning but it was all worth it. Watching our daughter’s faces glow with happiness was the best feeling in the world! It was a miracle and we soaked up every second of it! On the way home, our child who had the anxiety problem even started planning our next trip to Disneyland, which she wants to do before the end of this year! (Compared to the last time we went, she said she was NEVER going back!)

“Great! How do I get my hands on some of that Mojo for Success?”

Hey, I’m glad you asked. I am going to share the tips and tricks we used to make our trip to Disneyland so wonderful! Hopefully, you can benefit from my suggestions and have an AMAZING trip to Disneyland, or whatever amusement park you love. So be sure to come back and check out my next post, or better yet, enter your name and email if the box on the home page, and you can have the post sent directly to your inbox so you won’t miss it!

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