Delicious and Healthy Immune Building Smoothie Recipe

As I mentioned on my last post, here is the recipe for the Immune Building Smoothie. I really, really enjoy drinking this smoothie, it’s delicious! I believe that drinking this smoothie daily is the reason I didn’t get sick a couple of times when there was a cold going around my family. Whether that is true or not, it sure is a delicious way to get ton’s of vitamins and even some anti-aging properties.Immune Building Smoothie


2 Cups Kale (fresh)
1/4 C blueberries (frozen)
4-5 Strawberries (frozen)
2 C Orange Juice
1/2 of a banana (optional)
Protein Powder (optional)

Blend till smooth.

This picture is not of my actual smoothie but it is a good representation of it because honestly, the color of the smoothie depends on the ingredients you use and the amounts. In the recipe above, the measurements are approximated. That is because I have never actually measured out my ingredients! Nope, that is too much work for me….LOL. (I will say though, the measurements are pretty darn close to what I actually use to create this smoothie.

(Note: I create my smoothie this way – rip off a hand full of Kale, grab a hand full of frozen blueberries, grab about 4-5 frozen strawberries (so that is sort of accurate to my recipe measurement), toss in 1/2 a banana (oh, that one is accurate too!) and fill to the measurement line with Sunny D or orange juice. I use my favorite blender, the Nutri Bullet. That is one reason don’t have to measure, especially with the juice, I just use the “Fill” line.)

My advice to you is to experiment with items you love and the amount of each ingredients to get the taste that really works for you. Be creative, try new ingredients. With a little time and creativity, you could have lots of fun making your own recipes to fit not only your taste, but your needs.

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