5 Things To Remind Yourself After A Fall or Backslide

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What do you do when you fall down (or backslide) with your anxiety, depression or stress?

It is something we all need to think about. We may not want to, but we need to because it will more than likely happen. Some backslides are small, some are huge, but ALL of them, no matter the size, can make you feel like a failure… You Are Not!

I want to acknowledge the thousands of people who suffer silently! Just because you don’t see a disability or challenge, doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist for that person. Many “disabilities” (or as our family calls them, “challenges”) are not visible or are well hidden by the individual who suffers. They suffer silently, as not to let anyone but maybe the closest, most trustworthy people know, lest they are judged.

In fact, fear of being judged holds many every day “normal” people back. Can you imagine what it would be like if you (or others) didn’t consider you “normal”? (The quotation marks around normal is not a typo. Mainly I do this because normal is a relative term in my book.)

While suffering in whole is something we cannot altogether avoid, we can rise above it and minimalize its impact and occurrence. How do I know this? Because I have, in my own personal life! Even though I do not have a magic prescription or a booklet with 10 things to make life perfect (I don’t believe that’s possible, so be aware of anyone who says they do), I do have some suggestions and tips to move forward in living successfully with high anxiety, panic disorder or other anxiety disorders.

Tips, Suggestions, and Ideas:

When You First Backslide:

1. The most important thing to know: Not every idea or treatment works for everyone. What works for someone you know, may not work for you and vice-versa.
2. You are going to be OK. Life will go up and down and so will your emotions. But you will be ok.
3. Don’t try for “perfection”. Instead, try for balance. Everyone has trouble finding balance in their life. Someone with Medical or Mental Illness, it can seem like everyone around you has that balance and you do not. That’s just not true! So try to keep that in mind when looking for perfection…it does not exist!

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After you Backslide, Then What?

  1. Give Yourself Grace. Everyone falls down. Gives yourself some grace, you know you would give it to other people, so why not yourself?
  2. Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off, Start All Over Again. You know the old saying; You only fail when you stop trying. It’s true. Keep going and don’t ever give up. You can live successfully with your challenges.
  3. Learn from the fall. I know it isn’t fun when you backslide into old habits, have a panic attack or get into a depressed sort of funk, but you can always learn from these down times. For example, I have noticed that when my oldest daughter who suffers from Trichotillomania has severe pain, can’t control her pulling and that is about the only time she has really bad pulling attacks. Knowing this, we can try to help her plan and maybe someday control her Trich attacks, even during the difficult those specific times.

So remember, we all are going to fall down or backslide. It happens. Just learn from it and use that to move on with a little more knowledge and success in your grasp!

Till Next Time,
Rebecca & The Gang
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