3 Valuable Organizational Tips To Help Keep Your Sanity!

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The first thing you need to know as a parent is organization is important to keeping your sanity! When you have a child or a family member that is constantly ill, organization is vital to survival. To do this, I have found a few things that help me keep my sanity and I thought I would share 3 of them with you!

1. The Alarm on my phone:

OrganizeThis may seem like an obvious choice for some of you but not everyone uses their alarm on their phone. My husband and kids don’t (which secretly drives my crazy, but don’t tell them….lol). The alarm doesn’t just wake me up….oh no! It tells me to remind my kids to take their medication & vitamins. I can label the different alarms to remind me which medication or vitamin they are to take at the time it rings. Though I usually remember on my own, I can get busy cleaning, working or blogging and forget the time. My kids don’t take a lot of medicine, but what they take is important and some are time-sensitive which means even if I am not with them, they still need to take the medication/vitamin at the same time daily. My alarm also reminds me to leave for work, or if I am at work, to leave for home. I don’t have to watch the time so I can focus on more important things like getting stuff done!

2. Our Groceries App

Our Groceries AppThis app is a life saver and there is a free version which is what my family uses. You create lists and then add items as you need them. The items are kept on file in the app so you don’t have to re-type them over and over. You can create several lists and label how you want. For example: You shop for some things at Von’s, Walmart and Target. You can make a list for each store! This helps you organize where you want to purchase your items. You can also label the items you need, any way you want. For example: we use different kinds of breads because of our dietary needs. We are specific in what we buy so on our list we have bread, but we also have Gluten Free Schar bread. That way when somebody in the family adds an item, the person who is shopping knows exactly what to purchase. Oh, and did I mention you can have multiple users and you sync lists across phones so everybody in the family can help keep the list current! Oh how I love this app!!!! Since you create and label your own list, you can use it for stuff besides groceries. I have a list for traveling. That’s right! I love to make a list to prep for travel, it helps with my anxiety. In advance of the traveling, I add items we will need on the travel list to make it stress free to pack. As we gather the items and pack, we just click the item and viola! the list is updated and the other family members know the item is packed and they don’t need to get it. (Did I mention I love this app?)  You can click HERE to get more details on this great app!

3. Cubicle/Cubby Organizers

Cube OrganizerI am sure many of you have seen these in Target, Walmart or an organizing store. The cube organizers are amazing for storage and organizing with our without the storage cube (boxes). The storage cubes come in a large variety or colors and can range in price from $3 to $8 depending on where you purchase them, style you choose and sales.I have even found these storage cubes at a “dollar” store, though those are not a good quality as higher priced ones. The cube organizers come in 4 – 6 – 8 – 9 – 12 cubbies and a variety of colors. We use them for organizing toys in the kids rooms and our home-school area to keep books, school supplies and other stuff organized and clean. My children need organization to keep the stress at bay, especially since anxiety is a problem for the oldest. She needs to be organized in this area and the cubicle storage is extremely helpful. Here is a link to Target or Walmart but you may find a better place to purchase these.


So these are 3 of my favorite organizational tips that help keep me sane….well sort of. I plan to post more of course but I really love these 3. I know there are a lot that you probably use and I would really love to hear your organizational ideas, so please share in the comments below and spread the love!

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