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So far I have blogged about my family’s challenges from my point of view, which is pretty insightful if I do say so myself (and I just did…hahaha). However, I thought it would be nice to give you all some insight as to how someone who actually has Trichotillomania, bravely deals with the daily challenges of having such a difficult disorder. According to her doctor, Trich is one of the hardest BFRB (Body Focused Repetitive Behavior) disorders to control. I personally think my kid is doing a kick-@ss job at it, but it is NOT a walk in the park. (I always knew her stubbornness would come in handy some day!)

When I asked her if she would mind me writing this post about her directly, she thought it would be a great idea. We have tried several different methods/techniques to help her control/stop pulling. To list a few, medication, counseling/training, oils, gloves, lots of talking, changing locations, keeping her hands busy, and the list goes on.

Out of all the different thing we have tried, I was curious as to what she feels helps her the most to stop pulling. Below are her answers:

Listening to your favorite music helps redirect your thought process.


TV/YouTube videos
Watching something that makes you laugh or interests you; redirects your emotions.


Talking to someone about a subject that you can go on and on about helps block out the urges.


What Else Mom & Dad Do To Help:

The best thing we do is listen! We are the people that our daughter feels the most comfortable speaking to when she needs to talk (what an honor and a blessing that she feels this way!) So we listen, no matter how long, how late or how early she needs to talk, we still listen.

Following her doctor’s directions, we make her change her location, even if it’s only from one room to another. This is really about changing the environment or condition she is in at the time the urge to pull happens. Usually we have her hang out downstairs where we are located. (Which she actually doesn’t mind, as long as it’s not too long….hahaha. She is a teenager after all!)

Now that she has found the stuff that makes her control/stop a pulling attack, she often takes the lead on modifying her behavior. Being aware of when the “urge” arises and taking steps to modify her behavior like moving locations or “taking stock” of the emotions she is feeling at the time, has helped our beautiful daughter be in charge of her BFRB instead of it always being in charge of her! Our family calls that a HUGE WIN!

If you know of someone who suffers from Trichotillomania or any BFRB (Body Focused Repetitive Behavior), please be kind to them. They are fearfully and wonderfully made, just like anyone else! If you are a person that suffers from a BFRB or any other disorder, know that you are loved!

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. I will do my best to answer questions and I love to hear your comments or stories!

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For more information on what Trichotillomania is, click HERE.







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